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MediaTek releases Tianji 9200 to create a new flagship benchmark 5G chip

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Note: Recently, MediaTek released Tianji 9200 flagship 5G mobile chip. With innovative breakthroughs in high performance, high
 Recently, MediaTek released Tianji 9200 flagship 5G mobile chip. With innovative breakthroughs in high performance, high energy efficiency and low power consumption, it is user-oriented with a cold full-speed experience, creating a new flagship benchmark 5G chip for the mobile market. Tianji 9200 empowers mobile terminals with advanced technology to create professional image and immersive game experience, supports high-speed 5G network and the upcoming WiFi 7 wireless connection, and promotes the global mobile experience upgrade.
Tianji 9200 is equipped with eight nuclear's flagship CPU, Cortex-X3 super-large core clocked at up to 3.05GHz, and all performance cores support pure 64-bit APPlications. Multi-threaded 64-bit computing can greatly upgrade the app application experience. Tianji 9200 takes the lead in adopting the new generation 11-core GPU Immortalis-G715, with a performance increase of 32% compared with the previous generation. It supports the hardware ray tracing and variable-rate rendering technology on the mobile side, releasing powerful graphics performance to enhance the game experience. Tianji 9200 integrates MediaTek's sixth generation AI processor APU. The energy-efficient AI architecture not only improves AI performance by 35% compared with the previous generation, but also reduces the power consumption of various AI applications. In addition, Tianji 9200 supports 8533Mbps LPDDR5X memory and 8-channel UFS4.0 flash memory, and the multi-cycle queue technology speeds up data transmission.
Tianji 9200 supports MediaTek HyperEngine 6.0 game engine, pushing the mobile game screen to a new level, and bringing players a silky and smooth immersive sensory experience. With the release of Tianji 9200, MediaTek also released a brand-new game adaptive control technology, which can reduce the power consumption of high frame rate games and the temperature of terminal equipment, and make the full frame run longer. Tianji 9200 integrates advanced 5G modem, supports high-speed 5G network connection, and combines advanced artificial intelligence technology to create 5G intelligent travel mode in high-speed rail, underground garage, subway, airport and other scenes, so as to realize the intelligent networking function of fast network search, fast network return and fast network speed.
Smartphones using Tianji 9200 flagship 5G mobile chip are expected to be listed at the end of 2022.
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