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5g + bus, Mawei M1 road is open for smart travel

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Note:   What are the road conditions ahead,whether pedestrians break in,and whether they will collide with other vehicles...
  What are the road conditions ahead,whether pedestrians break in,and whether they will collide with other vehicles...Now these messages can be known to drivers in advance.Haidu reporter learned that Mawei District has built the first 5g-v2x intelligent network bus line in the province.Now,a total of 10 buses with intelligent innovation have been put into practical application along the M1 road of Mawei District bus company.
  At 10:00 a.m.on the 18th,M1 bus slowly drove out of Kuai'an bus station.On the surface,M1 bus still retains its original surface.As in the past,it stops at the station,pays for the bus,and the ticket price is fixed.But first of all,the unique ride experience brought by"smart travel"has been quiet.
  During driving,master Peng,the driver,while rolling the steering wheel,paid attention to the unobstructed reminder given by the vehicle.In front of the carriage,there is a continuous flashing electronic screen,which shows the speed,the unobstructed traffic lights at the intersection and the driving environment.The reporter saw that the vehicle reminded the driving safety distance from the front vehicle in real time;When the vehicle is too close,take the initiative to send out safety warning;When turning is required,the vehicle gives a turning warning and delays.
  Therefore,these effects can be achieved because an on-board unit is arranged on M1 bus to exchange messages with roadside vehicle networking equipment arranged in tight sections,complete the cooperative communication between vehicles and roads,vehicles and vehicles,and sponsor the bus to receive early warning messages in real time.
  "It is precisely the characteristics of 5g high speed and low time delay.The feedback speed of this 5g bus is even faster than that of the human brain."Zhou Sili,the technical service department of the Internet of things open laboratory,reported to reporters that in addition,vehicles can actively study and judge the traffic light conditions in front and drive through the intersection with the green wave at the best speed per hour.
  It is reported that at present,Fuzhou Internet of things open laboratory in China is optimizing the clear connection of M1 bus,resulting in a safer and more efficient road transportation system.
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