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The ability of 5G is extended, the automobile becomes an important innovation field, and Qualcomm jo

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Note: Since the commercialization of 5G for more than three years, great changes have taken place in the whole industry. After
 Since the commercialization of 5G for more than three years, great changes have taken place in the whole industry. After helping smart phones to complete the innovation and transformation, 5G technology uses its core basic ability to build the Internet of Everything, and expands the more stable and fast connectivity to all fields except smart phones. Among them, smart cars have gradually become another important innovative application in the 5G era.
At this year's "4th Industrial Revolution and Smart Travel Forum" in China International import Expo(CIIE), Jim Cathey, the chief commercial officer of Qualcomm, mentioned the innovation brought by 5G to the automotive field, saying: "Cars are becoming networked computers on wheels".
In the past two years, with the development of electrification and intelligence in the automobile industry, the demand for high-quality networks has increased dramatically, and the network advantages brought by 5G, such as larger bandwidth, lower delay and higher reliability, can be said to naturally meet the network demand of intelligent vehicles, and bring more application possibilities for intelligent networked vehicles.
First of all, the C-V2X (Cellular Vehicle Networking) technology blessed by 5G not only solves the problem of digitalization of transportation facilities, but also further enhances the vehicle's perception of the environment and related road participants. The further integration of 5G and AI, supplemented by the increasingly mature edge computing capability, makes it possible for cars to drive automatically at a higher level, further improving the safety and convenience of people traveling by car.
With the convenience of smart car network, all parties continue to explore. Jim Casey mentioned in his speech at the China International import Expo(CIIE) Forum that Qualcomm has established cooperation with China's 5G ecosystem, and has achieved good results in the automotive field, including the launch of China's first car wireless terminal that supports 5G and reaches mass production and sales status, and the world's first mass production vehicle equipped with LTE-V2X technology. With the leading in-vehicle networking and rich product portfolio of C-V2X, Qualcomm is helping the automotive industry go further.
If a car wants to become a networked computer on wheels and a new intelligent mobile terminal, it is not enough to have the ability of intelligent driving. Besides providing people with intelligent driving ability, how the intelligent car system inside the car can provide drivers and passengers with a more immersive and personalized experience and make the car an extension of people's digital life is also an important development direction of 5G intelligent cars.
With the faster network blessing of 5G, the intelligent system in the car can meet passengers' various entertainment needs in the car, including playing high-definition videos, watching live sports, etc. With the maturity of 5G and AI technologies, the smart car will become a fully automatic driving cabin, giving people a private space during the journey. In this space, passengers can enjoy more carefree network connection, relax and have fun, and completely eliminate the fatigue during the journey.
In this direction, the automobile industry has also made a lot of efforts. Jim Casey also mentioned a similar application case in China International import Expo(CIIE): in the field of digital cockpit, Qualcomm has launched four generations of cockpit solutions. Since 2021, China's leading automobile manufacturers have adopted Snapdragon cockpit platform to launch nearly 50 models, including Great Wall, BYD, Geely, Tucki and other manufacturers. These new smart car products have provided consumers with intelligent interaction in the car, travel and entertainment, etc. Cockpit upgrade has also become an important development direction of smart cars in the future.
From the evolution of autonomous driving and intelligent cockpit, it can be seen that the network characteristics of 5G have promoted the all-round intelligent development of the automobile industry. In this process, the cooperation of technology manufacturers, automobile companies and other industrial chains has brought important impetus to the intelligent development of automobiles. For example, Qualcomm, in addition to the above-mentioned intelligent cockpit scheme, Its "Snapdragon Digital Chassis" covers products such as Snapdragon Auto Smart Platform, Snapdragon Ride Platform for Intelligent Driving, and Snapdragon Car-to-Car Cloud Service, all of which provide strong support for the intelligent development of the automobile industry. In the future, with the continuous progress of technology and the continuous exploration of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, it will soon be realized that the automobile will truly become a "networked computer on wheels".
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