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Smart travel has become the development trend of the automobile industry. What cutting-edge technolo

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Note: Under the trend of smart travel, we need the blessing of decision control technology, perception technology, information
 Under the trend of smart travel, we need the blessing of decision control technology, perception technology, information interaction technology and scientific and technological strength. At present, the intelligent networked car advocates three horizontal and two vertical technical architecture, in which the three horizontal technologies of intelligent car technology are the key technologies of basic support, information exchange, vehicles and facilities. The two verticals of intelligent automobile technology are infrastructure and vehicle platform.
As for the cutting-edge technology under the trend of smart travel, let's first study the architecture of intelligent transportation self-organizing system. According to the self-organizing system theory of smart cities, experts in the industry will analyze the intelligent transportation system in the self-organizing operation mechanism from three aspects: information and communication technology, smart cells and institutional system. It explains that intelligent car, as the core intelligent cell of intelligent transportation system, is the scientificity and rationality of order parameters.
Generally, the intelligent cells of intelligent transportation systems have the functions of vehicles and vehicles, among which the intelligent cells with the functions of vehicles are drones and smart cars, while the intelligent cells without the functions of vehicles are intelligent base stations and intelligent infrastructures, which are intelligent cells with information and communication capabilities and realize dynamic self-organizing network systems. The intelligent cell with vehicle function is a mobile form of ad hoc network, and the intelligent cell without vehicle attribute is a fixed form of ad hoc network. The mobile form is continuous and other mobile forms and fixed forms within the communication range are automatically networked, so as to realize the transportation system with independent organization function. This transportation system is the intelligent organization of smart city, and it is distributed, such as the intelligent bus system in the region and the intelligent logistics system in the port. At the present level of information technology, intelligent organizations and external information communication are undertaken by fixed nodes to ensure the stability of information communication. With the development of information and communication technology and the improvement of intelligence of intelligent cells, the functional distinction between mobile form and fixed form will be gradually weakened, and the mobile form can be stably interconnected and intercommunicated with the outside. The intelligent attributes of all intelligent cells of intelligent transportation will achieve the same effect, the difference lies in the carrier attributes and mobility of intelligent cells, and other intelligent cells have no carrier attributes and cannot move.
As smart car is a key part of smart car, we will refine the technology of smart car. China Society of Automotive Engineering has also launched the three-horizontal and two-vertical technical architecture diagram of intelligent networked vehicles, which helps us to rationalize various technologies that affect the development of intelligent vehicles. Among them, the three aspects of intelligent vehicle technology are the key technologies of basic support, information exchange, vehicles and facilities. The two verticals of intelligent automobile technology are infrastructure and vehicle platform.
Intelligent vehicle technology architecture breaks through the bottleneck of traditional vehicle technology architecture to a certain extent. Through analysis and comparison, the three horizontal lines in intelligent vehicle technology architecture are consistent with the three driving forces of intelligent transportation system self-organization. Among them, the first horizontal line is to improve the single-machine intelligent level of intelligent vehicles through the core technologies of vehicles and facilities, which is similar to the intelligent dimension in intelligent cells of intelligent transportation system self-organization driving forces. The second horizontal plane is to improve the level of intelligent vehicle networking through the core technology of information interaction and the high-precision map and positioning of the third horizontal plane, which is consistent with the information and communication technology of intelligent transportation system's self-organizing evolution driving force. It is the technical guarantee of intelligent vehicles in the whole intelligent transportation system, and the third horizontal plane is to evaluate the corresponding institutional system of intelligent transportation system's self-organizing evolution driving force through standard regulations and tests. Taking the technical framework of three horizontal and two vertical as the premise and cornerstone, the technical system of intelligent vehicle can be divided into decision control technology, perception technology, information interaction technology and related scientific and technological forces.
With regard to the sensing technology of intelligent vehicles, various sensor fusion sensing technologies are based on the interaction of information obtained by the sensing devices of vehicle-mounted cameras, radar, positioning, communication and other links, so as to ensure that intelligent vehicles can obtain the surrounding complex traffic environment information. It is to realize the left and right of human eyes, which must be supported by high-precision positioning technology and high-precision vehicle basic map. Among them, the high-precision positioning technology is to build a high-precision unified time system of the vehicle network through the Beidou ground-based reinforced network, and give the national unified vehicle high-precision space-time service, so that the positioning and navigation accuracy can be refined to centimeter level. Strengthen the integration of communication system and navigation system and build a multi-source navigation platform. Promote the interconnection of mobile communication and Beidou communication services, and build a vehicle emergency system. Improve the auxiliary Beidou system, which can send satellite information on behalf of ground facilities, and provide fast auxiliary positioning services. The high-precision vehicle basic map is shared with the remote sensing image data of national aerospace surveying and mapping, and is built on the improvement of 3D geographic information system technology. It is a vehicle basic map with consistent standards, and provides real-time dynamic map data services.
As for the decision-making control technology of smart cars, this is an on-board intelligent computing platform, which covers the hardware of on-board intelligent processing chips, interfaces and modules, as well as the on-board computing platform of driving operating system and basic application programs, which can ensure the high-speed and reliable operation of intelligent car control, perception and decision-making.
Then the application of artificial intelligence technology in vehicle decision control, which is a branch of computer science, wants to learn the essence of intelligence and produce a brand-new intelligent machine that can respond in the same way as similar intelligence. The research in this field covers language recognition, robotics, natural language processing, image recognition and expert system, etc. Artificial intelligence can simulate the information process of people's consciousness and thinking, and intelligent car is a technological product of applying artificial intelligence technology.
Then, the intelligent electronic device of automobile, which includes navigation system, car audio system, car home appliances, car information system and other electronic devices, is intelligent.
Information interaction technology of intelligent vehicles, including communication interface and protocol unification technology, is a technology that promotes information interaction among intelligent vehicles, road infrastructure, traffic safety management system, operation service providers, traffic management command system, etc. The interface needs to ensure the consistency of hardware and the protocol guarantees the consistency of software.
LTE-V2X, a wireless communication network for vehicles, supports the application of low-level intelligent vehicles through the networking technology of 4G, the fourth generation mobile communication technology.
Vehicle wireless communication network 5G-V2X refers to the use of the fifth-generation mobile communication technology 5G car networking technology to support high-level intelligent car applications.
The application of traffic big data platform and cloud computing technology in the traffic field is to build a cloud control basic platform of smart car big data through the current facilities and data resources of local, enterprises and departments in collaboration. The emphasis is on the logically unified construction and physically dispersed cloud computing center. It is an open and shared basic data center, and it is a safe, reliable and self-controllable cloud control basic software. It provides support for the safe operation, R&D and manufacturing, application services and traffic management of smart cars by realizing the basic data fusion application of infrastructure, vehicles and traffic environment.
On-board information security technology is a security management mechanism to construct the whole life cycle of smart car data, to determine the data security protection responsibility and specific requirements of the main body, to ensure the confidentiality of data collection and processing, as well as storage and transmission, at the same time, the accuracy and availability can not be lost. This blockchain technology will play a key role in vehicle information security.
With regard to the related scientific and technological strength of smart cars, the testing and evaluation technology of smart cars is the testing and evaluation system architecture and basic database of smart cars, which meets the requirements of driving behavior testing and complex road environment. It focuses on the technology and verification of hardware-software combination simulation, virtual simulation and real car road test, and also includes testing and evaluation systems at the component level, system level and whole car level.
These technologies are the frontier technologies for the development of smart car industry and smart travel. In the future, two non-pure technical dimensions closely related to technology will be added. The driving forces are the improvement of technical standards and R&D subsidies from the government and enterprises.
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