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All-round coverage of sensors, automatic switch of smart street lamp posts, 5G Beidou and other high

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Note: Recently, two smart highways have new news: media reporters experience Ezhou Airport Expressway, which integrates high-t
 Recently, two smart highways have new news: media reporters experience Ezhou Airport Expressway, which integrates high-tech and has multiple sensing functions. It can realize many functions such as smart operation and maintenance, smart lighting, smart management and control, smart charging, etc. through smart facilities such as millimeter-wave radar, high-definition camera and raster sensor covered by airport high-speed. Chengyi Expressway released its first report card after the start of intelligent construction. The data showed that the number of traffic accidents in Chengyi Expressway decreased by 60% year-on-year.
Ezhou Airport Expressway
From 0: 00 on May 1st, 2022, Ezhou Airport Expressway invested and built by Hubei Transportation Investment Group Co., Ltd. was officially opened to traffic. The first phase of Ezhou Airport Expressway starts at the south interface of Huahu Airport and ends at the north side of Tingzu Town, Ezhou. It is connected with Wu-E Expressway through east temple hub and Wu-Huang Expressway through Chen Qiao hub. The total length of the route is 13.042km, with a two-way six-lane design speed of 120km per hour.
Recently, media reporters drove to experience the important supporting project of Huahu Airport and Hubei Smart Expressway-Ezhou Airport Expressway. From Wuhan, take Wuhuang Expressway and transfer to Ezhou Airport Expressway. In less than one hour, you will arrive at the toll station 2 kilometers away from the south exit of Huahu Airport.
According to media reports, Ezhou Airport has integrated new technologies such as 5G, Beidou positioning and cloud computing at high speed, laying a total of 96.7 kilometers of grating array vibration sensing cables, laying 16,000 grating sensors, 372 smart light poles, and smart base stations, millimeter-wave radars, high-definition cameras, graphic information boards and other smart facilities, and implanting "sensory nerves" into the airport at high speed, so that the whole road section has "touch+vision+detection".
According to Zhai Quanli, chief engineer of Hubei Jiaotou Ezhou Airport Expressway Co., Ltd., intelligent facilities such as millimeter-wave radar, high-definition camera and raster sensor, which are all covered by the airport high-speed, can realize intelligent operation and maintenance, intelligent lighting, intelligent management and control, intelligent charging and other functions. If the pavement is damaged, the high-speed integrated management and control system can sense it for the first time through longitudinal waves and transverse waves, and at the same time, it will automatically generate maintenance plans and maintenance costs, so as to ensure that the pavement is repaired at the first time and realize intelligent operation and maintenance.
The 372 smart light poles on the high-speed road integrate functions such as weather radar, which can automatically adjust the opening and closing time and brightness according to the season, climate and sunset conditions to ensure the lighting of road freight at night.
Ezhou Expressway provides the most advanced application scenario for automatic driving technology, which not only supports L3-level automatic driving, but also supports L4-level automatic driving from airport toll station to Wu 'e Expressway.
It is reported that in order to make logistics and transportation smarter, Ezhou Airport High-speed Information Platform seamlessly connects with Huahu Airport Aviation and Logistics Information Platform, and obtains basic information of passing vehicles, shift number, cargo weight, travel time and other information in real time, helping efficient intermodal transportation between public and air. "We want to build the world's first full-time, global, all-weather, sensible and accessible intelligent high speed.
Chengyi expressway
At the end of June this year, Chengyi Expressway released the first transcript after the start of intelligent construction. The data shows that the number of traffic accidents in Chengyi Expressway decreased by 60% year-on-year, and the number of "zero accidents" days increased from 0.5 to 1.8 days per week.
Chengdu-Yichang Expressway, with a total length of about 157 kilometers, starts at Chengdu Tianfu International Airport and ends at Yibin Ring Expressway. It was officially opened to traffic on December 31, 2020, and is the first intelligent expressway with full elements and coverage in Sichuan Province.
The "smart highway" is by no means a simple stack of new technologies. Through new technologies, old problems are solved, and the digital and refined service of the highway is realized.
At the same time, the driver can also access the digital scene of the system with a smart and high-speed dedicated travel service APP. Compared with other navigations, it can completely project the roadside scene into the user's navigation interface, and users can feel the external driving environment through the digital scene, obtain road condition information, and realize all-weather traffic.
In addition to reducing the accident rate, through the automatic work order processing process of the system, the handling efficiency of traffic accidents in Chengyi Expressway has also increased by 20%, and the handling time has been shortened by 20 minutes on average.
It is understood that in the future, the intelligent transportation scheme laid out on Chengyi Expressway will be widely used in all Sichuan highways and railways. In this regard, Chen Kun, the president of the Institute of Transportation Engineering in the future, believes that connecting travel demand and service resources with data will not only make the expressway intelligent, but also incubate various operation scenarios such as truck drainage, service area drainage and green travel based on this system, so as to realize digital economic innovation of expressway operation.
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