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The layout is based on the development of intelligent transportation industry of 5G+AI. Smarter and

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Note:   In 2020,intelligent transportation will enter the fast track.China Telecom and Meizhou Expressway Affairs Center bui
   In 2020,intelligent transportation will enter the fast track.China Telecom and Meizhou Expressway Affairs Center build"5G Intelligent Expressway";China Mobile participated in the first car networking test area in Suzhou;China Unicom released the White Paper on New Infrastructure,New Kinetic Energy:5G Vehicle-Road Cooperation...Intelligent transportation construction,operators have natural advantages.Before the third session of China Internet Conference in 2020,Sharon's Intelligent Transportation Conference will be held on the cloud.The industry generally believes that 2020 is a crucial year for the implementation of intelligent transportation,and operators'5G new infrastructure will accelerate the implementation of intelligent transportation.
  How far is unmanned driving from us?What are the industrial opportunities of intelligent transportation?How to better realize the coordination and interconnection of people,vehicles,roads and clouds?
  On June 24th,the Intelligent Transportation Salon with the theme of"Embracing New Infrastructure and Promoting the Development of Intelligent Transportation in the Future"was held online at China Internet Conference"Looking for New Driving Forces of China's Internet Industry".He Guili,vice chairman and deputy secretary general of internet society of china,said that under the trend of"new infrastructure",with the convergence of cutting-edge technologies such as 5G and artificial intelligence,the intelligent transportation industry will also become the focus of the Internet."New infrastructure".The integration and coordinated development of communication,automobile(intelligent interconnected vehicle)and traffic will become the foundation of the next generation intelligent transportation system.At the same time,relying on digitalization and intelligence,the intelligent road network,as the carrier of transportation,will become an important support of the next generation transportation system.
  Intelligent transportation market is huge.On the one hand,it extends from urban rail transit,urban expressway and urban road transportation to navigation and aviation.On the other hand,the intelligent transportation industry involves automobile terminals,transportation infrastructure,traffic management and transportation modes,and is increasingly integrated with the ICT industry.According to the data of Prospect Industry Research Institute,in the next five years,China's intelligent transportation will maintain a compound annual growth rate of about 13%.In 2024,the market size of the industry will exceed 1.5 trillion yuan.
  Since 2017,intelligent transportation and car networking policies have been intensively introduced,the industry standard system has been accelerated,and the development path has gradually become clear.In July,2019,the Ministry of Transport issued the Outline of Digital Traffic Development Plan,proposing to vigorously promote the research and development of unmanned driving and vehicle-road coordination technology,and take new steps in the whole factor and whole cycle to digitally upgrade transportation infrastructure and transportation equipment.
  At present,intelligent transportation construction is increasing everywhere.According to Xinhuanet,the first 5G unmanned shuttle bus in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has recently been put into use in kangbashi district,Erdos City,and will be on the road soon.This is the first 5G self-driving shuttle bus for non-park municipal roads in western China,and the first application of"5G+Intelligent Transportation"in Inner Mongolia.
  Intelligent transportation in Beijing,Shandong and other places is developing faster.The focus of Haidian District in Beijing is to promote parking management,green travel,innovative intelligent transportation applications and major transportation infrastructure construction.The"Haidian Plan"has been displayed in the traffic management of big cities.Shandong transportation industry will speed up the intelligent upgrade of highway infrastructure this year.Intelligent highway construction.
  Three major operators have been planning intelligent transportation for a long time.With the arrival of 5G,the application of 5G+intelligent transportation has been put on the agenda.Integrating new technologies such as 5G and AI into transportation has become an important starting point for building a strong transportation country.
  According to the data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,by the end of June,more than 400,000 5G base stations had been built and opened nationwide,which became the basis for the rapid implementation of intelligent transportation applications.
  On July 10th,Jilin Expressway Group signed a project agreement with China Telecom and Changchun Institute of Technology of Jilin Natural Village Development Co.,Ltd.In the future,we will devote ourselves to the construction of 5G networks and intelligent parks to realize the integrated development of intelligent transportation.
  On July 11th,China Telecom,Shanghai Economic and Information Commission and China Investment Corporation signed a cooperation agreement on"Research and Industrial Application of Key Technologies of Intelligent Vehicle-Road Cooperation".According to the agreement,the three parties will cooperate in the direction of intelligent transportation vehicle-road cooperation,realize large-scale verification of intelligent vehicle-road cooperation,and take the lead in commercial-grade landing promotion and demonstration operation in Shanghai.
  On July 15th,Meizhou Branch of China Telecom signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Meizhou Expressway Affairs Center to jointly build"5G Intelligent Expressway"and start the construction of"5G+Intelligent Expressway"in an all-round way.
  At the same time,China Mobile released the V2X platform of joint vehicle networking to help implement the intelligent transportation strategy,and participated in the first test area in Suzhou.China Unicom,based on the in-depth layout of the 5G+C-V2X intelligent transportation industry development,focuses on the integrated traffic system of"intelligent road"+"intelligent driving+intelligent control".Recently,China Unicom's 5G Space-Time Service released the White Paper on Industry Application,which will provide important support for lane-level navigation,automatic driving,automatic parking and other applications.
  Under the new infrastructure,operators'5G network construction has become productive.As the first application scenario of 5G,we can foresee a smarter and more convenient travel era in the future.
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