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ODC22 Smart Travel Sub-forum | The new OPPO Zhixing was unveiled, and the cross-end integration solu

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Note: On August 31st, the 2022 OPPO Developer Conference (ODC22) with the theme of Abundant Mind Walking All the Way came to a
 On August 31st, the 2022 OPPO Developer Conference (ODC22) with the theme of "Abundant Mind Walking All the Way" came to a successful conclusion. At the Smart Travel Sub-forum, OPPO Zhixing shared the new breakthrough with industry partners in the field of travel, and joined hands with SAIC to release the "ecological domain" of the pioneering cooperation between the two parties, jointly exploring the cross-end integration solution of vehicles and machines, empowering upstream and downstream partners in the travel industry chain, and building an open and mutually integrated ecological circle.
Zhang OPPO zhixing general manager
Automobile intelligent age
OPPO is deeply involved in the field of smart travel.
Under the background of the integration of all things, cars have also entered a new intelligent track. At present, cars carry more service scenarios, but the ability of car-machine integration has not kept up, and it can't meet the needs of users in terms of scenario coherence and service interoperability, and the experience is very fragmented. OPPO Zhixing understands that users need rich, diverse and seamless travel experiences. Last year, it launched the first travel-oriented solution-OPPO Zhixing, which is committed to creating a safe, intelligent and burden-free travel experience for users.
In the past three years, OPPO Zhixing has adhered to the user-centered principle and polished OPPO Carlink (including the functions of car-machine interconnection, watch control, flash charging, car attendant, etc.) and OPPO Carkey. Among them, OPPO Carlink, which is compatible with the agreements of ICCOA Carlink, Baidu Carlife and Yilian, allows the majority of car owners to enjoy the experience of seamless and fast connection, stable operation and rich application. It is estimated that the coverage of car will exceed 30 million units this year.
The borderless fusion of the two ecosystems
Join hands with SAIC to create a multi-end integrated ecological domain.
With the further development of car intelligence, users' understanding of cars has changed from travel tools to "the third living space", and the demand tends to evolve towards active intelligence and content services. It is imperative to integrate mobile phones and cars.
Zhang Xin, head of OPPO Zhixing business, shared: Our proposition is borderless integration. This kind of borderless integration is "two-way and multi-dimensional", which will completely change the original one-way empowerment, realize the user-centered, complete the secure flow of multi-end device data and services, and maintain the consistency of user habits and experiences.
What is expected is that this idea is gradually coming into being. At this year's ODC conference, OPPO officially launched Pantanal, a human-centered intelligent cross-end system. This software system can support the future experience of "knowing users better", "direct service", "unbounded equipment" and "minimal development". Smart travel is also the first landing scene of Pantanal system.
Multidimensional borderless fusion
based on the concept of borderless integration, OPPO Zhixing and SAIC have once again launched in-depth cooperation to jointly explore cross-end integration solutions for vehicles and machines. There is a strong strategic consensus on the creation of users' pain points and product scenes in the travel scenes of both parties. With the integration of OPPO Pantanal system and zero-bundle "Galaxy" full-stack 4+1 solution, a pioneering cooperation achievement-ecological domain is jointly launched. This is based on a set of open and interconnected standards, which realizes the discovery and connection of devices through the extensive compatibility of the underlying protocols. It is equivalent to establishing a co-creation platform for smart car developers and smart terminal developers such as mobile phones, and bringing users a new experience of seamless cross-end smart travel through system integration, resource sharing and data mutual trust.
At the meeting, OPPO Zhixing also published the White Paper on Ecological Domain jointly with SAIC Zero, announcing the opening of the underlying connection agreement and related capabilities and services, and gradually promoting and landing the solution in the industry. At the same time, it indicated that it would open alliances and unite more mobile phone manufacturers and car companies to create an ecological domain, share innovative achievements with the whole industry, and further expand OPPO's open ecology.
OPPO zhixing solution is upgraded again
Provide users with a new experience of full-link smart travel
On the basis of the ability to integrate the ecological domain, OPPO Zhixing solution has been newly upgraded, realizing the "two-way peer-to-peer" borderless integration of smart car ecology and smart phone ecology. Multi-end smart devices can support each other well, and through mutual trust between devices, multi-end devices can be deeply integrated together, bringing seamless cross-end services to users.
OPPO zhixing solution new upgrade
From the point of view of user experience, the brand-new OPPO Zhixing is truly user-centered, providing full-link smart travel services in five scenes of near-car, boarding, driving, parking and leaving, and carrying products and services such as digital car keys, near-car welcome, safe driving, ecological integration, multi-modal interaction, and leaving service circulation. Through cross-end multi-mode interaction, it breaks the restrictions between devices and systems, efficiently meets users' demands for natural interaction, and realizes the smart travel experience where services flow with people. For example, OPPO, together with Zhiji Auto, Qualcomm Snapdragon and chinese national geography, provides users with multi-scene video and live broadcast functions of mobile phone and car camera: after the mobile phone is connected to the car, you can safely and quickly call the car camera to record and capture the scenery outside the car with your mobile phone, and live broadcast it to friends and relatives to share the fun of traveling.
OPPO mobile phone calls Zhiji L7 roof camera for live broadcast (chinese national geography live shooting)
Adhere to the concept of openness and win-win
Join hands with partners to build a new ecology of car and machine integration.
Zhang Xin, the head of OPPO's business, believes that in order to better promote the development of vehicle-machine integration industry, it is necessary to break the cognitive gap and industry barriers with upstream and downstream partners in the industrial chain, build an open and integrated ecology together, and give full play to the advantages of their respective fields to realize greater value. At present, OPPO Zhixing has reached an agreement with 100+ global automobile brands and industry partners to form a symbiotic and win-win ecological chain.
In the past three years, OPPO Zhixing has always insisted on creating value for users, developers and the industry. During this period, OPPO Zhixing, together with members of ICCOA Alliance, as well as industry-related enterprises and research institutes, conducted more exploration and research. In this sub-forum, industry partners also brought the latest research results.
Hu Hongyu, Professor, State Key Laboratory of Automobile Simulation and Control, Jilin University
Among them, SAIC Zero announced that it has signed a contract with OPPO to set up an "Ecological Domain Joint Laboratory" to jointly promote the landing of related technologies and products; Yuanfeng Technology lays out travel-related industries and shares its technology and experience in the fields of intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving and intelligent network connection; Qualcomm launched Snapdragon Digital Chassis, and based on a unified technology roadmap and its own leading software and hardware products, it helped OPPO create an end-to-end immersive digital life experience; Together with Ericsson OPPO and Qualcomm, we have completed the test of 5G network slicing on commercial Android phones to provide users with more stable and smooth information services; The State Key Laboratory of Automobile Simulation and Control, Jilin University, has brought about the sharing of the development trend of traffic sensation in the future, and deeply analyzed the empowerment of intelligent driving assistance applications, virtual figures and other capabilities in the field of intelligent travel; Finally, in the high-speed rail travel scene, CRRC Changke, together with OPPO and Soring Communication, explored smart phone interconnection and smart travel in the high-speed rail scene, hoping to bring different ride experiences to users.
Director of R&D Office of Tamia Liu CRRC Coach Interior Equipment
In the future, OPPO Wisdom will continue to adhere to the product concept of user-centered, ecological co-construction and integration as the driving force, deepen the borderless integration, and join hands with more partners and developers to create a new pattern of integration of mobile phones and cars, so as to jointly bring users a new experience of unburdened smart travel.
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