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5G enables pressing the "acceleration button" of urban smart transportation construction

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Now, the world has set off the tide of autonomous driving, and the pattern of road coordinated development in the sea surface appears initially; With the application of intelligent traffic command system, the innovation of traffic system has come. Lingli traffic landing in the subway, bus, airport and other scenes, promote people travel happiness index...... As one of the link technologies of the new infrastructure, 5G has pressed the "speed button" for the development of the city's Lingli transportation.
Today, during the world 5G Congress in 2020, the 5G and Lingli Transportation Forum will be held. This forum collects outstanding representatives from the traffic field, scientific research institutes and business circles in Haibiao, creates an exchange platform for 5G/6G research and exploration and further enables smart transportation, and speeds up the in-depth and expansion of 5G/6G technology research and smart transportation application.
"This year, we introduced the Ministry of Transport in promoting new guidance for the construction of infrastructure, transportation platform", made specially for promoting the application of 5 g collaborative deployment, and put forward to build intelligent highway, railway, port, civil aviation, bright bright bright clever, clever postal levels such as intelligent transportation infrastructure." The features of 5G, such as large bandwidth, low latency and wide connectivity, provide new technical solutions for transportation equipment, infrastructure, transportation services and management, and provide new drivers for the development of transportation, said Li Tianbi, safety director and director general of The Water transport Bureau of China's Ministry of Transport.
CHOIKeechoo, chairman of the Metropolitan Area Transportation Committee of the Ministry of Land, Land and Transport, also agreed on the exciting benefits of 5G for Lingli's transportation development. He pointed out that in the video in 5 g transportation service industry through OTA promotion (air) technique is applied to implement automobile application update, V2X (vehicle wireless communication technology) communication effect and so on data accuracy, promoted self-reliance for public recognition, and realize the true prosperous development, and wait for congress to develop a new field of vision for improving life and travel method.
"Transportation, as one of the very tight application platforms for 5G, has ushered in a huge revolution." Liu Wei, chairman of Jiadu Technology Group, thinks that 5G drives the digital transformation of the whole society, which has realized the new and wonderful technology and promoted the equipment of jiadang. Through the application of 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other new technologies, the company connects and promotes the innovative development of Lingli Traffic Smooth industry, supporting the high-speed development and construction of Lingli Traffic Domestic.
With the blessing of 5G technology, traffic is about to usher in a new revolution. At the forum, well-known experts, scholars and industry leaders of Ling-Li transportation platform explored the trend of 5G and Ling-Li transportation equipment, and gave the audience a glimpse of the travel prospect of the coming day.
5G network will play its role in urban rail transit platform, promoting the benefits of 5G in tourist service delivery, intelligent operation and maintenance, efficient operation and other aspects, said Li Dekoshi, academician of Singapore Academy of Engineering, senior vice President of Jiadu Technology and president of global Intelligent Technology Research Institute.
"From big data, we can clearly see that people spend a lot of time indoors. In the past, we relied more on GPS for global positioning, but thanks to 5G technology and Beidou technology, we hope to achieve accurate indoor positioning. It can be said that indoor scenes will have a very big commercial prospect in the future." According to Li Dekoshi, 5G technology can be very difficult to realize indoor navigation, transfer guidance, carriage diversion and passenger flow analysis prospect in the application scene of urban rail transit.
Zhong Quan, chief secretary of Guangzhou-Foshan Metro Group, also shared the application of 5G technology in Guangzhou-Foshan metro. He explained that guangfo subway has now realized the station, section, vehicle depot and master 5G full-cage cover in the middle, which can not only allow tourists to enjoy the convenience brought by high-speed communication when they travel, but also greatly promote the subway intelligent operation and maintenance work obedience, improve safety, and realize separate inspection.
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