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Driven by innovation, Xiangha won the award of "Huawei HMS for Car Ecological Innovation Explor

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Note: Recently, HDC 2022 Huawei Developers Conference (Together) came to a successful conclusion in Dongguan. Benefiting from
 Recently, HDC 2022 Huawei Developers Conference (Together) came to a successful conclusion in Dongguan. Benefiting from the long-term cooperation with Huawei and the deep integration with HarmonyOS's ecology, Beijing Xiangha Network Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xiangha)' s product "Recipe Collection" won the award of "Huawei HMS for Car Ecological Innovation Exploration Partner" for its innovative product form and high-quality content.
Combine smart food travel to improve the quality of life of users.
Under the background of information-based industry transformation, digital technology has a profound impact on people's lifestyle. HMS for Car is a smart in-vehicle cloud service solution launched by Huawei's terminal cloud service, which provides users with accurate and rich travel scene content and services through AI scene engine combined with Huawei's ecological resources. Ha's "Recipe Book" implanted food content for Huawei's smart travel in HarmonyOS, and was well received by cooperative car companies and Huawei operators.
On the long-term cooperation with Huawei, Xiangha actively explores the food needs of users in Huawei's smart travel ecological scene in HarmonyOS. According to the configuration requirements of HMS for Car system and the user experience of car owners, "Recipe Book" actively designs a horizontal display form, with clear function pages and convenient operation and use, so that users can easily get the desired recipes according to their needs. The long-term cooperation between Ha's "Recipe Collection" and Huawei is in line with the multi-functional scene application form of Huawei's ecological construction of smart travel in HarmonyOS, bringing high-quality food service to Huawei's ecological users in HarmonyOS, and contributing to the improvement of users' quality of life.
Deeply cultivate products and content, and continuously build enterprise innovation.
Since its establishment in 2011, with the continuous efforts in the field of gourmet recipes, Xiangha App, the core product of the enterprise, has been installed 350 million times, and the number of registered users has reached 30 million. Ha has become one of the important representatives of the food community, and it is also the first enterprise in China to land on the New Third Board to operate the food community of recipes, which has been unanimously recognized by the industry and users.
The key to the rapid development of Ha Xiang lies in the in-depth exploration from the perspectives of products and contents, and the continuous creation of enterprise innovation. In terms of content creation, there are more than 3 million selected recipes of original food of Xiangha App, and free celebrity chef recipes are available in addition to home-cooked recipes. In terms of product upgrade and operation, Xiangha App has been focusing on users' demand for food service, and has gone deep into the field of food recipes to be specialized and refined. The platform will regularly launch special VIP chefs and other master courses to create high-quality menu content. There are also interactive operation forms such as daily punch-in activities and pig farm games, which effectively improve user activity.
It is years of food content and community operation experience that have created the image positioning of Xiangha as a "recipe expert". This "cookbook" won the award of "Huawei HMS for Car Ecological Innovation Exploration Partner", which is a powerful embodiment of Xiangha's deep cultivation of products and content and continuous creation of enterprise innovation.
In the future, Xiangha will continue to focus on innovation, constantly exert efforts on products and content, join hands with more partners, go deep into more scenes, actively explore the possibility of more food services, and promote the development of the industry towards higher quality, so that more users can enjoy the new experience of innovative food services brought by Xiangha.
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