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"One face goes all over the airport", China Eastern Airlines launched 5G+ smart travel int

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Note: At the soon-to-be-opened Daxing Airport, passengers on China Eastern Airlines flights no longer need to show their ID ca
 At the soon-to-be-opened Daxing Airport, passengers on China Eastern Airlines flights no longer need to show their ID cards and QR codes as before. Passengers can complete all travel processes such as ticket purchase, check-in, check-in, security check-in, boarding, etc ... On September 18th, China Eastern Airlines, together with Huawei and Unicom, officially launched the intelligent travel integrated service system of China Eastern Airlines based on 5G network at Daxing Airport.
It is reported that this system is the latest achievement in the construction of Smart China Eastern Airlines. It comprehensively uses the latest technology of "5G+AI", redefines the new standard of intelligent, scene-based and convenient aviation services, and brings unprecedented new experience of smart travel for passengers. The launch of the system is also a powerful measure for China Eastern Airlines to help Beijing Daxing International Airport build a new international image.
The smart travel integrated service system launched by China Eastern Airlines, based on the whole process of air travel, builds a three-dimensional smart travel service around three dimensions: "one face walks through the airport", "one network intelligent experience" and "one core baggage control". The whole system involves 3 categories and 11 scenario solutions, which opens up the infinite possibilities of aviation smart travel.
"Walk all over the airport with one face". Passengers on China Eastern Airlines flights can complete all travel processes only by face recognition. The cabin attendants of China Eastern Airlines can also use the face recognition system at the cabin entrance to carry out the re-inspection of passengers, check and confirm passengers, guide seats, etc., which can effectively improve the service accuracy and make passengers feel the ease and convenience of "smart travel". After the departure of Daxing Airport, passengers on domestic flights can choose to register their faces at the self-service CUSS machines in the self-service check-in area and high-end check-in area of Daxing Airport. In addition, China Eastern Airlines also gives special consideration to passengers with children and babies, and provides a series of "face brushing" services for children over two years old. After passengers who travel with babies brush their faces for check-in, the system will automatically identify the baby passenger tickets of their peers, which will automatically increase the number of babies in the total number of passengers, without additional operation by passengers.
At Daxing Airport, China Eastern Airlines made great efforts to build quiet VIP rooms and enhance the high-end passenger service experience. Equipped with portable face recognition device, ground service personnel can quickly and automatically identify passengers, intelligently remind passengers of boarding information, and avoid passengers' flight errors. Through background information interaction, China Eastern Airlines also pushes service reminder information on China Eastern Airlines APP platform to create a quiet VIP room.
In the check-in area of China Eastern Airlines, the security check-in area, the exit of China Eastern Airlines VIP room and other areas, China Eastern Airlines and Daxing Airport have launched smart air display terminals. By brushing their faces, passengers can not only directly inquire about flight information, gate information, destination weather, but also master information such as route and time estimation from their location to the gate.
"A network intelligent experience". Combined with the opening of Daxing Airport, China Eastern Airlines launched the "5G+ China Eastern Airlines Service Network" system based on China Eastern Airlines APP, which intelligently pushed the whole-process service information for passengers, covering all the scenes of passengers' travel, such as before, during, after, and flight changes. In addition to the conventional service information such as ticketing reminder, check-in reminder, boarding reminder, boarding reminder, boarding gate change, and baggage pick-up carousel, it also added the reminder of the expected time of arrival at the boarding gate, baggage loading reminder, and so on. China Eastern Airlines also plans to provide a series of special functional information from the departure location of passengers to the estimated time of the airport, reminders of entering the service area of China Eastern Airlines, etc., to help passengers achieve worry-free travel.
"One core baggage control". On the basis of the world's first RFID permanent baggage tag, China Eastern Airlines developed a 5G baggage tracking solution in cooperation with Huawei, which made the whole process of baggage transportation visible. Passengers can check the status of their checked baggage in China Eastern Airlines APP at any time. Passive electronic baggage tag of China Eastern Airlines can be used repeatedly, is not easy to damage, and follows passengers permanently. When passengers complete the self-service check-in through China Eastern Airlines APP, they choose to check their luggage, and put the electronic baggage tag close to the mobile phone for data sensing. In a few seconds, information such as flight number and baggage destination can be entered. Then, passengers can complete the baggage delivery when they go to the counter to activate, and truly realize the whole process of "paperless". Compared with the traditional counter handling method, the application of passive electronic luggage tag makes passengers travel smarter and more convenient. China Eastern Airlines ground service staff can also quickly query passengers' luggage in real time to improve the efficiency of baggage handling.
At present, China Eastern Airlines has opened the second batch of applications for permanent electronic luggage tags from September 20th to October 7th. Passengers can APPly for permanent electronic luggage tags online for free through the latest app application portal.
It is reported that after the pilot operation of the integrated service system launched this time in Daxing Airport, China Eastern Airlines will gradually deploy it in major airports across the country.
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